JEMS Software Product Line

Federal Fleet Management Compliance

Generating Federal Automated Statistical Tool (FAST)-compliant XML for Vehicle Level Data (VLD) is frankly quite complex. So, we made RunFAST™ Pro, which isn’t. RunFAST Pro strips away the complexity of generating compliant FAST XML. Before producing the FAST XML file, RunFAST Pro assesses and identifies non-compliant Vehicle Level Data (VLD) for every required FAST field, generates the SQL updates for cleansing non-compliant data, and dynamically validates the progression from source data to XML to FAST. RunFAST Pro allows you to concentrate on actual VLD data analytics rather than trying to figure out why FAST is blocking your data. Whether you need to identify non-compliant FAST data for analysis and cleansing or require an end-to-end turn-key system for generating VLD FAST-compliant XML, find out how RunFAST Pro makes it effortless by scheduling a free RunFAST Assessment or demo today.

Financial Situational Awareness

Financial Situational Awareness (FinancialSA™) is a requirement in any domain for making informed business decisions at the right time. The FinancialSA system can be configured for any domain that uses formulas in calculating Line Items of interest. For example, one client has 36 separate formulas in calculating financial items in Buildings they own or lease. When variables change, all existing building financials can be recalculated or just a single building’s financials can be recalculated. Typically, the client pulls one building’s tear sheet from a web service for inspection, update, or detailed financial analysis.

Business Process Automation

Net Digital Solutions developed the Job Execution Management System (JEMS™) to support Business Process Reengineering and automation for our clients. In our experience, it is possible to automate any Business process and implement its repeatable workflow in a JEMS job stream. We have literally identified major requirements of a business process in as little as 15 minutes working with a subject matter expert. The process can then be automated within hours by selecting from a set of over 150 major pre-built, common components that typically can be reused from process to process. We call this our “Tool Chain.” In addition, over 500 workflow production job streams represent many common occurring patterns that can be tailored for creating new workflows. Should there be a need for another component, it is constructed very rapidly through our continuous integration process and added to our Tool Chain repository for inclusion in new Job Streams.

JEMS Analytics

JEMS Analytics™ is a decision support tool capable of meeting any data visualization requirements. It enables executive-level, program management and action officer decision-making across the Enterprise. With JEMS Analytics, the time needed to uncover critical data relationships is reduced by 80 percent, allowing the user more time to analyze the information rather than collecting it. JEMS Analytics enables visualizing authoritative decision data, that allows senior leaders to unravel complexity utilizing an interactive web-based tool. JEMS Analytics creates a comprehensive analysis framework by providing:

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analysis
  • Rapid Data Cleansing and Ingestion
  • Data Collection Repository
  • Prioritization Framework
  • Prioritize and Rationalize Data Selection

The future of collaborative decision making is here—contact the JEMS Analytics Team today to learn more about how visualizing data can support your organizational efficiencies.

Excel Frontend

Access Frontend

Acronym Processing System

ACROScape™ was developed out of a necessity to save man hours and eliminate acronym usage errors in producing large formal documents requiring very strict acronym enforcement rules. Its first use was in supporting formal documentation in support of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile program. ACROScape processes an MS Word Document and, using patent-pending rules, detects and corrects illegal acronym usage. It then generates the acronym table at the end of the document. Major rules enforced include: 1) Spell out acronym on first time usage, and 2) use the acronym only in future references. ACROScape is available as a Word Add-In.